Rolland is committed to offering dependable services and manufacturing trusted products to our clients.

Rolland provides services from concept to mould building trough to ready-to-run models. 

Rolland is comprehensively equipped with mould workshop, injection machines, painting facilities, tempo printing, and assembly lines. 

Rolland produces a full range of plastic model railways, from 1:220 to G scale, and other models including military models in 1:35/1:72 scale, 

model kits, buildings, scenery accessories, automobiles, trucks, etc. 

At present we manufacture model railroads for clients in Europe and the United States, some of which we have had a continued relationship 

for almost 20 years.

Our products include but are not limited to the following:

Model Trains: coaches, stockcars, wagons, freightcars, cabooses, etc.

Vehicles: Auto cars, trucks, ships, Airplanes,  containers

Military Models:  Tanks, Trucks

Diorama Accessories: Buildings, Road Signs, Traffic Barriers

Other Plastic Model Kits